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Barnes and Noble Circling the Drain

Judge rules Alfie's ventilator can be turned off
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Europe Tries to Stage an Intervention

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LENTCAzT 2018 08 ' Wednesday in the 1st Week of Lent: Never ending combat
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Hey Cle Elum, Washington! I'm coming your way tomorrow

20 Feb ' Feast of Sts Francisco and Jacinta of Fatima

Judge rules Alfie's ventilator can be turned off

Judge rules Alfie’s ventilator can be turned off

NARAL, ACLU attack government official for trying to protect the unborn babies of undocumented minors

Grandmother says former football star won’t ever get custody of son he wanted dead

“If a baby can’t be safe in his mother’s womb….?”

Poll shows Scottish Government at odds with public on DIY chemical abortions

Membership rising in Swiss assisted suicide group Exit

Brothers and sisters of aborted children suffer

Informed consent to abortion profound complexities

“Moral Disengagement – Mechanisms Propelling the Euthanasia/PAS Movement”

New York State Attorney General’s Office Complicit in Fake Facebook Profile to Persecute Pro-Life Sidewalk Counselors

This Month, We Celebrate All Life

Tennessee State House Committee to Vote Tuesday on Re-Directing Family Planning Funds From Planned Parenthood Facilities

Prayer request for our friend Gloria'

Of 'paradigm shift' interest

Muslims Wipe out 15 Nigerian Villages in Mass Christian Slaughter. Shhhhh.

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